CPP Film

CPP film


The CPP films are transparent cast polypropylene films designed to offer high performance, good appearance and easy converting for flexible packaging and other applications. CPP films are also produced from a combination of various grades of PP polymer.

This is a cast film whose raw material is polypropylene and can be used as a single film or as a lamination sealant material. RXC-22 is a high impact strength and transparent film with the following characteristics:
– Moderate elasticity
– Good heat sealability – Improved low temperature sealing
– Excellent machine suitability
– Superior moisture-proof properties
– Exceptional wear resistance (abrasion resistance)
– Improved shock resistance


Our objective is to be abreast of – preferably rather ahead of – any requirement from customer side and to minimize the total impact of packaging consumption on the environment, by reducing the material consumption – in terms of material down gauging and construction refinement.

The shiny and glossy surface of cast PP (Polypropylene) will enhance the appearance of any product. Adding a touch of exclusivity, the excellent clarity of the packaging material makes the product stand out at its best. The material offers an excellent basis for print.